“It is critical to have a place where Chinese writers can feel encouraged and empowered. Writing can be a hugely solitary pursuit so it is wonderful to leave your isolated existence and be part of a community that says, ‘Your stories are important and they matter’.”

PP Wong, author of The Life of a Banana


Bi’an offers...

  • A place to share, discuss and celebrate your writing – fiction, life-writing, poetry and scripts –in English, Cantonese and Mandarin
  • A platform for emerging and established writers
  • Support and advice for beginning writers
  • Regular networking events, particularly for those outside of London
  • Writers’ news and opportunities
  • Peer support
  • Writing residentials
  • Publishing prospects
  • Access to the Bi’an Award
  • 在这里,我们分享、探讨和成就你的作品,包括用英语、粤语和普通话写作的小说、传记、诗歌和剧本
  • 在这里,有喜欢写作的入门级的写手,也有专业的作家
  • 我们为喜欢写作的入门级写手提供帮助和建议
  • 我们在全英各地举办定期的社交活动
  • 作家资讯
  • 伙伴支持
  • 提供参加写作课程的机会
  • 提供发表作品的机会
  • 参与彼岸作家新人奖的征集

Our Story

Bi’an emerged from the From Shore to Shore project which was set up in 2015 to tell stories from UK Chinese communities on the page, on stage, and online. As part of this, writer, Mary Cooper, and a team of bilingual Chinese writers led dual language writing workshops in northern cities.

The enthusiasm of participants showed us that Chinese heritage writers are keen to find support, to develop their skills, and to create a place to share their writing. From the participants at these workshops we’ve formed a core team of writers who have worked together to raise funds, make partnerships, and to shape Bi’an.

“彼岸”是“漂洋过海”项目孕育出来的组织。 “漂洋过海”项目在2015年设立,致力于讲述英国华人社区里发生的故事。故事被写成书、编成剧和发表在网上。作为项目的一部分,作家Mary Cooper与双语写作的华人作家团队在英国北部的几个城市举办了双语写作工作坊。


Our Team


Fan Yang

Fan has a degree of Computer Science. She came to UK for PhD study in 2003 and now works as a software engineer at University of Oxford on genetic data analytics. Although coding in computer languages is her job, writing has always been Fan’s passion. She has a blog and writes for WeChat account named    Montparnasse. She has read her poems in English and Chinese for Chapel FM, and in 2017 she worked with Mary Cooper leading bilingual creative writing workshops for From Shore to Shore.


Jenna Ng

Singapore-born, Jenna Ng trained as a finance lawyer before focussing on her creative ambitions. She is now a writer and a specialist in interactive media who lectures on digital culture and society at the University of York. She has had poetry published and a short story in the Bridport Prize International Creative Writing Competition longlist.


Lucy Shi

Lucy Shi writes poems, short stories and life writing. She was born in Jiujiang and completed her Masters degree at Lancaster University before starting her banking career in Shanghai.  Lucy is from a family with a long history of involvement with the performing arts. As a choral singer she has performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London and Carnegie Hall in New York.


Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper is a playwright and poet who has written more than 30 plays to commission for stage, radio and screen. She became involved with Chinese-heritage writers when she was asked to run the Writers’ Pathway course by the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester in 2010. Since then she has worked with MW Sun to write the multi-lingual play, From Shore to Shore, based on stories from UK Chinese communities, which toured Chinese restaurants in 2017, and which will retour in 2019.