I'm BAME If You Are – Naomi Sumner Chan

I feel forced to play this stupid game

Called which days this week will I be BAME?

It’s not a game I can afford to lose,

So I think carefully about the days I’ll choose

To wear the label made for me

By the white majority,

Who’ve heard this word “diversity”

And now they’ve got a policy

To open up the doors.

But you better believe they’re keeping score

Of who comes in or passes through,

Always monitoring, evaluating me and you,

So my advice is - if you can- is do as I do -

Play up, play up and play the BAME!

Yes, yes, yes I AM playing the race card

Cos it’s the only hand I’ve got

The one thing that makes the difference

Of whether I’m in the room or not

To be part of the BIG conversation

They’re all having about representation.

(Erm…yeah, hello. Are you talking about me?)        

Cos there’s not enough ladders and there’s too many snakes

This game I play has got high stakes -

 And the odds are always against me.

We are all just ticking boxes,

Filling quotas, proving our worth

And my value’s not based on merit

Just what chance gave me at birth.


It’s all about ethnicity

Cos these days we don’t talk about… (race).

Naomi Sumner Chan